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Edimode is a premium photo editing service that changes the rules of product lifestyle photography.

Don’t let your budget limit your imagination, give your product photos the right context.


Bring to life the products of your eCommerce and convince the most hesitant buyers

Free access to +200 million stock images

Choose any of the professional top quality photos available in Adobe Stock Catalog

Fast delivery and unbeatable prices

Our workflow will save you a lot of time and resources

Top-notch quality

Our team is composed by expert retouchers with years of experience in photo manipulation

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Take photos of the product

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Place the product on the stock image using photoshop

key concepts

  • Lifestyle photography
  • Stock Photography
  • Digital Photo Manipulation
  • Lifestyle product photography is a kind of photography that shows the products in real life, in the context they are used.
  • High quality photos are crucial for eCommerce. Clean and descriptive photos are the core that allows the buyer to check the quality and details, but a product can be much more than that. 
  • It's in the last part of the psychological process of buying, when the buyer imagines himself using the product. A vivid image full of emotions will create a necessity feeling that can increase the value and finally leads to the purchase.
  • Stock photos are images shared on the internet to be used by any other company or individual. There are both free and paid options.
  • The stock photography industry is a massive market with hundreds of millions of images online, involving some of the best photography professionals in the world.
  • There is a huge number of photos and it’s pretty easy to find the perfect one for your needs.
  • Photo manipulation consists of making photorealistic changes in photos using professional editing software like photoshop.
  • Digital manipulation offers the possibility to place an object from one image into another image, in a natural way and without any sign of editing.