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Place the product on the stock image using photoshop

Tell us more about your business: which are your products, what kind of images you need, and any other relevant information. We will answer your questions as soon and possible as assist you during the whole process.

Select the stock photo where you would like to see your product.

Take the photos of your own products. We will use them later to create the final image.

We will blend thes product photos and stock photos. At Edimode, we have expert retouchers specialized in this kind of work.

Time to evaluate and make changes until you are satisfied. Working with us, you will always have the chance to make any change you want.

stock image selection

Choosing the perfect photograph is very important. This choice will determine the final outcome, as well as the requirements for the product photo shooting.

You will receive a FREE preselected photo for each Editing. Tell us what you need and we will find it for you.

If you would like to have more photos to choose from, there are two options:

    1. We offer a package of 10 preselected stock photos at the price of 10$. You can choose your favorite one(s) from it.
    2. You can search for the right photo on the internet. We will assist you during the process if you need it.
  • Stock images can be obtained from a large number of different websites. Some of them offer free photos, but the number of quality photos is much lower than the paid options.
  • Some of the most popular ones are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Depositphotos, Dreamstime and 123RF.
  • At Edimode, we offer completely FREE any photo from Adobe Stock Catalog.
  • Adobe Stock is the stock marketplace of the software giant Adobe. In the last years, it has positioned itself as one of the strongest in the market. In our opinion, it is now the best after taking away the throne from Shutterstock.

product photo shooting

One of the keys of our business model is that the clients takes for themselves the photos of their products. That can look like something inconvenient, but it actually offers a lot of advantages beyond simple efficiency.

The quality of the results will be influenced by how the product was shot, so we will assist you along the whole process and provide you with a complete guide about how to shoot the product.

A mid-range modern smartphone will be enough in most cases, but if you have a digital camera and photography lights, much better.

digital manipulation

Being able to merge different pictures realistically is not an easy job. Luckily our team of retouchers specialized on photo manipulation techniques.

We can also make any change you need in both stock photo (remove elements or people, mix different images, change color…) and product photo (clean product, change shape, create color variations…)